Marketable Me, Part Three.

(Parts one and two can be found here and here.)

Just for laughs, I submitted Spark to Bookbub. In case you don’t know, Bookbub is probably the premier email marketing service for authors. For a fee, they will send your book to their list of email subscribers, which reportedly number in the millions. It’s expensive, ranging up to over $2000 per shot, depending on how popular your genre is and how deep a discount you are offering (and yes, the book must be discounted at at least half off) but reports indicate that most people do quite well. The listings definitely generate sales, which boosts your Amazon sales rank, which causes other nice things to happen. I was willing to part with a couple of hundred dollars on the chance that I might realize a few hundred sales. Breaking even would’ve been perfectly acceptable.

But if you need BookBub, you aren’t ready for BookBub.

The real problem isn’t the money, it’s the competition. BookBub gets thousands of submissions, and rejects all but about 15% of them. Acceptance and rejection is not based on the quality of the book. They don’t read the book. They look at the cover, they probably check out your blurb, but mostly they look at reviews. They expect you to have lots of them (and overwhelmingly good reviews, needless to say.) Continue reading “Marketable Me, Part Three.”