Girls, Super Girls, and Alyx

First off, I want to talk about girls. Having already done a post on boys, it seems only fair.

I’ve always loved girls. Particularly strong girls. Powerful women. Women who don’t knuckle under to fear. Damsels who rescue themselves. Which might be why nearly all of my own protagonists have been female.

You probably wouldn’t guess that to look at me. I’m a fifty-plus-year old stay-at-home dad. My life is pretty mundane when you get right down to it. I balance the checkbook, I muck out the chicken cage, I drive my various kids various places.

And I write. Mostly YA fiction, mostly paranormal fantasy. Peril. Adventure. Everyday hero stuff.emma peel

The hero is always a girl.

I’m not sure why. As a kid, I watched Emma Peel dispense hurt in a leather suit. Continue reading “Girls, Super Girls, and Alyx”

Marketable Me, Part Five

“The characters and plot are one-dimensional. It was painfully predictable. Cliche. Boring. Immature.”

“I read and read, waiting for the characters to develop, to come to understandings, to break through and open up…”Ouch

“The book is boring. Most of the first third is made of infodumps. They’re not even well-executed infodumps.”

Wow. Ouch.

Those are really bad reviews. Confronted with a few of these, I might have drunk myself into a coma before breakfast.

Fortunately, they weren’t about either of my books. They were all for The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Continue reading “Marketable Me, Part Five”

Marketable Me, Part Four.

Those few of you who have been following this blog with the hope that I might have some insights into book marketing may be wondering when I’m actually going to start offering some. So far, mostly what I’ve done is describe a lot of stuff that doesn’t work.

Well, today I’m going to talk about a couple of strategies that at least show some tiny tremor of promise. As always, your mileage may vary.

Last time on Marketable Me, I told you about a couple of attempts to get my books out in front of a wider audience:

—Pushing a couple of Facebook posts got me a few dozen likes on my author page.

—Spending ten dollars to have some promoter (also on Facebook) put my book up on her pages resulted in over 600 clicks. None of it resulted in a single sale as far as I can tell.bored-gif

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