Why Stop Now?

The other day, the fine blog over at the Fussy Librarian postedphoto 1 the results of a survey on this question: What makes you stop reading in the middle of a book and not go back?

The results?

  1. The plot takes a turn that doesn’t make sense: 54 percent
  2. Spelling and grammar errors: 47 percent
  3. Inaccurate technical or historical details: 28 percent
  4. Too much profanity: 21 percent
  5. Explicit sexual scenes: 22 percent
  6. A character I like is killed off: 5 percent
  7. I always read to the end: 25 percent

(Yes, this adds up to 202%, but the readers were allowed to choose more than one answer.) Continue reading “Why Stop Now?”

Something About Entropy

“Ah, the usual ladies’ room nonsense. A girl with boyfriend trouble, someone forgot tampons, everybody was bad at science and math. You know the drill.”

-30 Rock

Bad at math and science. It’s not just for girls anymore.

When last I blogged, I was talking about poetry and how I figured the editor of Flight of the Wren was going to make me jettison Yeats. She didn’t.

On the other hand, my other editor was dubious about the math and science in Spark. Not that she tried to make me take it out. It was more like, “You lost me at e.” 

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