About Whisper Blue

There is no Whispering Girl. She doesn’t exist. Marieka Evers knows this for a fact because she was there when Miles Faber created her. The cellphone photograph, the melodramatic tale of his encounter in the woods—all fake. The elaborate family history, the found diary—pure fiction. It was all an experiment, part of a study on belief and gullibility and the behavior of crowds. He wanted to see how far it would go. Only now it seems his experiment has gotten out of hand. Real people have gone missing in the Georgia woods, and every day, more and more followers of whisperinggirl.com report their own encounters with the fabledGhost of Jasper County. Is it possible that the fiction isn’t fiction anymore?

When a body turns up in the woods, brutally murdered, and one of his followers begins posting under the name of Whisper Blue, Miles loses his grip and it falls to Marieka to try and save him from his own paranoid delusion. But is it a delusion? There’s a real mystery in the woods, and the closer Marieka gets to the heart of it, the more she may wish she’d never started.


Whisper Blue by Atthys Gage is the suspense thriller of 2016. I was hooked from the beginning line.”   —Moxxley @Platypire Reviews.

“This plot-led thriller had me reading late into the night – and then regretting it when I couldn’t sleep for thinking about the issues the book raises.  I knew, right from the beginning, that I was in the hands of a skilled storyteller.”  –Amazon Reviewer  “Itzy”