The Whispering Girl Cometh

Hello all

I’ll spare you all the apologies and explanations about being absent for so long because, honestly, we’ve never had that kind of relationship. Some of you pop in from time to time, but you aren’t sitting around waiting for my next post. And that’s fine. No commitment, no strings attached. You go your way and I’ll go mine, as Betty Smith said.

BUT, I do have actual news of an authorly sort. Nearly a year ago(!), independent publisher Black Opal Books offered to publish my new (or it was then) novel. It’s called Whisper Blue. It’s about…well, here’s the blurb:

There is no Whispering Girl. She doesn’t exist.

Marieka Evers knows this for a fact because she was there when Miles Faber createimg_7737d her. The cellphone photograph, the melodramatic tale of his encounter in the woods: all fake. The elaborate family history, the found diary: pure fiction. It was all an experiment—part of a study on belief and gullibility and the behavior of crowds. He wanted to see how far it would go.

Only now it seems his experiment has gotten out of hand. Real people have gone missing in the Georgia woods, and everyday, more and more followers of report their own encounters with the fabled ghost of Jasper County. When a body turns up in the woods, brutally murdered, and one of his followers begins posting under the name of Whisper Blue, Miles loses his grip. Haunted by the conviction that his own creation has come to life and will be coming after him next, he retreats behind the locked door of his apartment and it falls to Marieka to try and save him from his own paranoid delusion.

But is it a delusion? There’s a real mystery in the woods, and the closer Marieka gets to the heart of it, the more she may wish she’d never started.

There’s no cover yet, but I did make a book trailer on iMovie which is kind of a hoot. You should have a look right here. (and you gotta admit, the spooky bird noises at the end are awesome!)

One thing you should all know about publishing: putting a book out takes a LONG time. In fact, just as I was wondering if they would ever get back to me with edits, Black Opal emailed me the other day that they are waving the manuscript through Stage One editing (nothing to fix here, folks, move along) and straight into Stage Two editing, where I will no doubt be excoriated for rogue commas, em-dash abuse, and other sundry sins. With luck, the thing might be out late November (hope springs etc).  AND, if anyone is interested in reading (and hopefully reviewing) it before it’s release, I will be glad to provide an advance copy when it’s available. Just let me know in the comments below.

In the meantime, please follow us over at the Writer’s Co-op where we speak of all things bookish and welcome new members gladly.

Thanks. Be well.

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6 thoughts on “The Whispering Girl Cometh

  1. Great trailer and a fascinating blurb – though I prefer the bird (owl?) noises at the beginning (thought it was wolves at the end…). I’m happy to review an advance copy – perhaps we could do a swap review (my YA novel Tree Magic will be published by Impress Books in January)?

    1. I’d be more than happy to review your book, Harriet. I’ll put you on my list of Whisper reviewers and keep you posted. Thanks. (And they were crows at the end. I just put excessive amounts of reverb on the clip to make it sound creepy and weird.)

  2. Lol. You’re right, we’ve never had that kind of relationship, yet, somehow I’m relieved and glad to hear from you again.

    Both the blurb and the video made me want to read the book. The crows do add an anxiety-inducing edge, and I’d be happy to do an advance review, too.

  3. I just read “Wren,” and I’m hooked. I’ll read anything you write! I have just purchased “Spark,” and will review that on Amazon, too. I hope you have at least another book or two about the ruggers in you. Lest anyone think I’m an excitable teen, let me tell you I am a 55-year old retired database builder.

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